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Software for brokers & their clients that finally puts employees first.

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What We Do

Improving the delivery of group benefits to companies by helping brokers better deliver their services is our primary line of business. We do this by providing software for brokers to introduce to their clients that not only improves the delivery of the services they provide, but helps the improve their own employee/employer relationships. People work for people, not for companies. And they work harder for people they like and respect.

Intrinsic Works Inc. makes software that helps businesses build better relationships with their clients by helping their clients keep their employees happier. You can’t outsource caring, but you can get administrative help with it. Brokers need to start using technology in their practice. Companies can use technology to improve the delivery of programs such as group benefits to their employees by implementing simple, relationship-building programs within the workplace. The applications we build allow brokers to bring software to their client that helps them harness the intrinsic motivation within each and every employee.


Satisfied employees are more productive


Engaged employees are more innovative


Respected employees are less likely to leave

Who We Are

We Build Quality Software

We have both managed, and been managed by people. We have practical experience with software development and business administration. Our experience and technical skills have allowed us to come up with a better way to administer the business of people using technology to do the heavy lifting.

We’ve been in your shoes. We know your pain points. And we’re building software to solve them.

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Why Intrinsic Works


Engaged employees are more innovative


Innovative employees improve your business


Working with your employees toward mutual success gives everyone meaningful purpose in the workplace

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We would love to talk to you about anything and everything. No topic is off limits. These conversations help shape our software for the better. We'd love to tell you more about our current programs and how they can help your business today — whether you are a broker, a business administrator, or an employee. It's thanks to conversations with people like you that we've come this far. We want to keep having those conversations. Get in touch with us today.


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