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We build software that helps businesses better manage administrative processes around their employees, and that uses information we all know about them to help keep them engaged in the business every day. We started with a simple project called Birthday Cookie to help businesses remember birthdays and service anniversaries in the workplace and that has since evolved into our InnerDrive Platform. InnerDrive is a cloud- based software suite that helps you engage your employees from day one on the job. Our program helps ease new employees through the administrative on-boarding process and helps you as a business show them that you care about their experience at work.

This software was shaped (and will continue to be) by our own experience and our conversations with businesses of all types. Birthday Cookie opened the door and now we're excited to be offering an ever-expanding solution that provides employers a simple, turn-key solution to improving employee engagement.

Most functionality in the InnerDrive Platform is meant to be free for the employer. How do we do this? We partner with your Group Benefits provider to allow the to bring it to you free of charge. We think the Group Benefits model is broken — our software helps brokers fix it.

David Lord - Co-founder

An accountant by trade, David has held a number of Controller and General Management roles. He brings a hands-on perspective to the pain points of managing employees and the administration of Group Benefits. David is a licensed Group Benefits advisor but his experience managing a software company is what helped shape this unique perspective on employee engagement and how it relates to Group Benefits delivery.

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James Petryk - Co-founder

Starting with studying Computing Science (Business Minor) at the University of Alberta, James has been a software developer for the last 16 years. His career has included gigs with the Government, freelancing for ad agencies, to leading development teams in the private sector. He's been involved in multiple award-winning projects and was excited to start building his own products from the ground up to realize some of that same success in a genuine entrepreneurial venture.

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