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InnerDrive Platform

Intrinsic Works Inc.’s InnerDrive Platform is a cloud-based software suite that eliminates the administrative pain points that occur when onboarding new employees. Our tools are designed with the employee experience in mind. With InnerDrive, your new recruits won’t get bogged down in confusing paperwork on their first day; instead, they can focus on getting up to speed on their duties and responsibilities and you can focus on getting down to business.

If you are using paper-based forms to capture payroll or benefits information, managing confusing deadlines related to your group benefits, or manually tracking important dates like birthdays or service anniversaries, the InnerDrive Platform gives you a turn-key tool to automate and delegate much of your administration to technology you can trust and rely on.

There are a variety of ways we can work with you:

Work with one of our group benefits advisors

If you work with one of our Canadian-based group benefits partners to put a plan in place for your employees, you automatically get our software at no additional cost.

Work with your current group benefits advisor

Like your current group benefits advisor? Not a problem. Introduce us to them and we’ll talk! Our software helps established advisors manage their existing clients and improve the value proposition they bring to prospective clients.

Are you a group benefits advisor?

If you are a group benefits advisor and are interested in incorporating technology into your practice, or you are worried that technology-driven solutions may poach some of your clients, we should talk. We are looking for broker partners who are interested in upgrading their practice for the 21st century.

Intrinsic Works + Greenhouse

Greenhouse does a great job finding talent for you. InnerDrive does a great job of getting that talent onboard and integrated into your business. We’ve developed a seamless integration between our two systems so that once you hire an employee in Greenhouse, we can automatically pull that information through and take the next steps in the onboarding process saving you valuable time and improving the overall experience for everyone.

Use the contact form below so we can start talking how InnerDrive fits into your business, along with all the other ways Intrinsic can help you.

About Intrinsic Works

We build software that helps businesses engage with their employees. We started with a simple project called Birthday Cookie to help businesses remember birthdays and service anniversaries in the workplace and that has since evolved into our InnerDrive Platform. InnerDrive is a cloud based software suite that helps you engage your employees from day one on the job. Our program helps ease new employees through the administrative on-boarding process and helps you as a business show them that you care about their experience at work.

This software was shaped (and will continue to be shaped) by our own experience and our conversations with businesses like you. Birthday Cookie opened the door and now we're excited to be offering an ever-expanding solution that provides employers a simple, turn-key solution to improving employee engagement. 

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