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Software Development

Our main business activity is developing our Employee Relations Management (ERM) software suite, the InnerDrive Platform, for Group Benefits brokers to provide their clients. However, if you have a software project you think we can help you with, we're always open to working on and developing new ideas. Contact us today.

Group Benefits Consulting

Through our partnerships with Group Benefits brokers, we have intimate knowledge of the Group Benefits insurance industry. Many business owners and administrators do not actually understand their plan, how the industry works, or what their alternative options are.

Advisor/Broker Partnerships

We can partner with any Group Benefits advisor that would would like to provide our software to their clients. Contact us to find out how.

About Intrinsic Works

We build software that helps businesses engage with their employees. We started with a simple project called Birthday Cookie to help businesses remember birthdays and service anniversaries in the workplace and that has since evolved into our InnerDrive Platform. InnerDrive is a cloud-based software suite that helps engage employees from day one on the job. Our program helps ease new employees through the administrative on-boarding process and helps you as a business show them that you care about their experience at work.

We also believe that the delivery of Group Benefits to companies can be drastically improved. By partnering with brokers, it allows them to introduce our software to their clients in order to not only improve the delivery of the services they provide, but helps their clients improve their own employee/employer relationships. Everyone wins: from the broker proving the software to the company and employees that get to use it.

This software was shaped (and will continue to be shaped) by our own experience and our conversations with businesses like you. Birthday Cookie opened the door and now we're excited to be offering an ever-expanding solution that provides brokers, employers and employees a simple, turn-key solution to improving employee engagement.

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